Monday, 26 September 2011

What's on the Book Vine #2: Steve Jobs and Apple

On August 24th 2011, die-hard Apple fans across the world woke to the news that the CEO of the company, Steve Jobs had resigned due to prolonged illness. Speculation about the future of the company has been in the headlines ever since as has Jobs. Jobs is certainly a trail-blazer in his field and many wonder whether Apple can continue to be a leader in computer technology without him at the helm. But who is Steve Jobs and what has made him such a business icon?

No doubt Jobs' resignation will signal the release of an up-to-date tell-all biography in the very near future that will answer all of our questions. But, if you're not willing to wait for the official story, then you might like to dip your head into an unauthorized look at how Steve Jobs has got to where he is today via a book titled iCon by Jeffrey Young and William Simon. This book takes us back to Silicon Valley in the 1970s where it all began for Jobs, and charts his first rise to success, his subsequent fall, and his astounding comeback that has seen him scale the dizzy heights of cutting-edge technology ever since. Whether you're a computer geek or not, the story of how one man has managed to gain such cult status is certainly of interest.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of iCon: Steve Jobs - The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business (by Jeffrey Young and William Simon) just click through to the Reading Habit website using this link - BUY: iCon - Steve Jobs (Young and Simon). And, if you'd like to read the official press release about Steve Jobs' resignation just click through here to the official Apple media page.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Book Searchers, Collectors and Dealers - A New Facebook Community

I've always thought it would be great to have one place online where book dealers and book collectors could come together to share their mutual love of books. A place where a book lover searching for an elusive title could leave a message and have a book dealer from somewhere around the world reply after having found the book in the dark recesses of their stacks. A place where an avid collector of books could leave a message requesting catalogues specific to their interest and an antiquarian bookstore could reply from which a life-long buying/selling relationship would grow. A place where a second hand book dealer who recently picked up a rare first edition could list their prize find and immediately connect with an interested bibliophile just waiting for such an opportunity to arise. A meeting place where there is no large corporate middleman. Are you with me?

Short of building such a website from scratch or starting my own social networking site which I neither have the funds nor the time to do, the only way I could think of achieving something like this on a small scale and a budget was to start a facebook community page. So, as of today, this place actually exists. Initially, I imagine it will be a slow start, as such a place requires members. That's where you come in! Whether you're a small or big-time antiquarian or second hand book dealer we encourage you to jump onto facebook and like our page. We ask the same of any sometime or all the time book collectors. The name of the community page is - Book Searchers, Collectors and Dealers and we hope to see you there really soon.

Friday, 9 September 2011

New Giveaway - Sister (Rosamund Lupton)

I've just finished reading my own copy of Sister by Rosamund Lupton after it was recommended to me by a work colleague. Though I didn't fall in love with the book, I did find the device used by the author to move the story along quite interesting. So, when a copy came into stock recently I thought why not give it away and see what everyone else thinks about it!!

Sister is written as a long letter from one sister to another, the latter having been recently found suspiciously dead in a dirty building block on the edge of a park. I'm not giving anything away here. It's plainly written on the back of the book and as the reader we know pretty early on that one sister is no longer with us. The police believe that it was suicide, but the victim's sister believes otherwise and sets out on her own to uncover the mystery of her death. The book includes notes and questions for reading groups at the rear.

To enter our book giveaway just leave a comment on our blog. Make sure to tell us your favourite novel written in letter format. My favourite is probably We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. I'll also give an honourable mention to the classic 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff which doesn't really fit the criteria as it's a true story. Bonus entries can be earned for this giveaway. Just read the following for more information.

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Entries are open until 5pm EST on Friday 30th September 2011. The competition is open to residents of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and the UK. The winner of the competition will be announced on Monday 3rd October 2011. Good luck to everyone!!