Thursday, 25 March 2010

Walking & Reading - At the Same Time Mind You!

Is it weird that I walk and read at the same time? I love reading, but I run my own business and have quite a hectic lifestyle. Finding time to keep physically active and feed my reading habit is a struggle. So I’ve learnt how to read and walk simultaneously. You would think this skill would take some time to develop, but I have to say that I mastered the art pretty quickly. Sure, there’s been the odd stumble complete with the frantic glance around to make sure nobody saw it happen, but all in all I’m a pro.

This odd reading style has made me something of a local celebrity. I often combine walking and reading with a trip to the corner shops to pick up some groceries. My sojourns always include friendly, and often humorous, comments from locals the most common of which is ‘Must be a good book’. To my delight these off-hand comments sometimes lead to an in-depth conversation about the book I’m reading or books in general.

What has become most clear from the comments I receive is that most people are astonished that I can actually achieve this feat. Is there anyone else out there like me or am I really a reading and walking freak?