Monday, 16 November 2009

The Kellerman Dynasty

This month our current feature authors are the modern day crime writing dynasty of the family Kellerman – Jonathan, Faye and Jesse. Husband and wife, Jonathan and Faye, are the only married couple ever to appear on the New York Times bestseller list simultaneously. Jesse is one of their four children and is an internationally renowned novelist and playwright in his own right.

Jonathan Kellerman - Born in 1949, Jonathan Kellerman is an American psychologist turned author of suspense novels and is arguably the most well-known of the trio. His most famous fictional character is Alex Delaware, a child psychologist whose adventures are no doubt inspired by Jonathan’s own experience in the world of psychology.

Jonathan’s first novel, ‘When the Bough Breaks’, was published in 1985 and received much critical acclaim including the Edgar Allan Poe and Anthony Boucher Awards for Best First Novel. Since then, Jonathan has published at least one best-selling crime novel every year. In addition to his fiction novels, Kellerman has also written several non-fiction titles specific to child psychology, and in the mid-nineties he also published two children’s books that he was also the illustrator for. Jonathan is no longer a practicing psychotherapist, but still lectures as a Professor at the University of Southern California. Listed below is Jonathan Kellerman’s bibliography of crime fiction titles only. To check our whether we have the title your after in stock just search our inventory -
  1. When The Bough Breaks (1985)
  2. Blood Test (1986)
  3. Over The Edge (1987)
  4. The Butcher's Theater (1988)
  5. Silent Partner (1989)
  6. Time Bomb (1990)
  7. Private Eyes (1992)
  8. Devil's Waltz (1993)
  9. Bad Love (1994)
  10. Self-Defense (1995)
  11. The Web (1996)
  12. The Clinic (1997)
  13. Survival Of The Fittest (1997)
  14. Billy Straight (1998)
  15. Monster (1999)
  16. Dr. Death (2000)
  17. Flesh and Blood (2001)
  18. The Murder Book (2002)
  19. A Cold Heart (2003)
  20. The Conspiracy Club (2003)
  21. Therapy (2004)
  22. Twisted (2004)
  23. Rage (2005)
  24. Double Homicide (2005) (with Faye Kellerman) 
  25. Gone (2006)
  26. Obsession (2007)
  27. Capital Crimes (2007) (with Faye Kellerman)
  28. Compulsion (March 2008)
  29. Bones (October 2008)
  30. True Detectives (2009)
Faye Kellerman - Born in St.Louis in 1952, Faye studied Dental Surgery at UCLA before becoming a full-time mother and novelist. Her groundbreaking first novel, ‘The Ritual Bath’, was published in 1986 and received much commercial success. This novel introduced readers to her fictional crime fighting couple, Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus. Like her husband Jonathan, Faye has incorporated many of her life experiences in her work. Faye and her husband are both practising Orthodox Jews and we see many Jewish themes in her novels.

Faye now has over 20 million copies of her novels in print, but she is also a highly praised writer of short stories whose work has been anthologised in many different collections.Listed below is Faye Kellerman’s bibliography of full-length crime fiction titles only. To check our whether we have the title your after in stock just search our inventory -  
  1. The Ritual Bath (1986)
  2. Sacred and Profane (1987)
  3. The Quality of Mercy (1989)
  4. Milk and Honey (1990)
  5. Day of Atonement (1991)
  6. False Prophet (1992)
  7. Grievous Sin (1993)
  8. Sanctuary (1994)
  9. Justice (1995)
  10. Prayers for the Dead (1996)
  11. A Serpent's Tooth (1997)
  12. Moon Music (1998)
  13. Jupiter's Bones (1999)
  14. Stalker (2000)
  15. The Forgotten (2001)
  16. Stone Kiss (2002)
  17. Street Dreams (2003)
  18. Double Homicide (2004) (with Jonathan Kellerman)
  19. Straight Into Darkness (2005)
  20. The Garden of Eden and Other Criminal Delights (2006)
  21. Capital Crimes (2006) (with Jonathan Kellerman)
  22. The Burnt House (2007)
  23. The Mercedes Coffin aka Cold Case (2008)
Jesse Kellerman - Born in Los Angeles in 1978, Jesse took a year off before college to study at a religious seminary in Israel, before he attended Harvard University to study psychology like his father. But his real interest was theatre and after graduating from Harvard, he attended Brandeis University and became an MFA playwright. Since then, Jesse has written many award-winning plays that have been produced throughout the United States and abroad. His first novel, ‘Sunstroke’, was published in 2006 and he has since written two more. Listed below is Jesse Kellerman’s bibliography of novels only. To check our whether we have the title your after in stock just search our inventory -
  1. Sunstroke (2006)
  2. Trouble (2007)
  3. The Brutal Art aka Genius (2008)

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