Thursday, 6 May 2010

Twitter Finally Comes Through

It was with hesitation that I opened my account on Twitter some 12 months ago. Skeptical is the word that comes to mind. But buoyed by the encouragement of a fellow small business owner, I decided to embrace this new social networking craze. After all it could turn out to be an interesting, and hopefully lucrative, way to promote my second hand bookstore. I started out enthusiastically building my list of followers, but my eagerness fizzled as the weeks rolled by with little Twitter action despite lots of effort. Over time, the annoying tweet noise from TweetDeck served only to remind me that another seemingly useless piece of information was heading my way. One year on and I was well and truly jaded. Sure, I got the occasional tasty morsel of information, and as far as networking with like-minded people in the trade it proved handy, but on the whole it was a dud. Yesterday, I decided to pull the plug and end the misery!!

And I almost did! One last visit to TweetDeck proved it's saviour. After months of fruitlessly searching for a book titled 'Little Dream' by Cynthia Leonetti for a new client with no success, Twitter finally came through for me. One of my esteemed followers located a copy, and the next thing I know I had completed a transaction and the book was on its' way to my client. The profit for me was very little, but the buzz I got out of actually locating this hard-to-find kids book was definitely worth it. Whilst, this one transaction hardly makes up for the effort I've put into Twitter it has reminded me of the value of keeping your feelers out there. Second hand bookselling is often a tough business and locating rare books can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. It's fun, but frustrating at the same time and without a good network of contacts it's almost impossible. So, whilst I am not exactly pro-Twitter I do acknowledge that it won't hurt to keep my presence out there.....even if it only helps me please one customer every twelve months.


  1. Dear Amber, where do I begin? I hadn't dared to let myself believe that this book was soon to be mine but it arrived today and I have been in tears several times. I am so overjoyed to have this book again, not just for me but for my future grandchildren. It contains valuable messages and sentiments that I want to be a part of my family and generations to come. I rang my mother today and cried with her, celebrating the find. She has also been living my obsession to find this book for at least 20 YEARS!! I have searched every store I came too, emailed various booksellers and googled regularly over the years. You are the first person to make some semblance of beyond the call and you were fruitful. I am devoted to promoting your business. I have so appreciated your communications and assistance to make my dream come true. Forever grateful,
    Tanya Murray

  2. Hey Tanya, I am thrilled that you're thrilled!! I am now on the look out for another copy of the book for another customer. Hopefully I'll have just as much success. Thanks for your positive feedback. It has trully made my day!!

    Amber (Reading Habit)
    Ambire Secondhand Books

    1. Hi my name is Janette Kircher and I have been searching for a copy of this book for the last 27 years. It was one of my favourite childhood books alongside of "Emily's Moo". It would mean so much to me to get hold of my very own copy once more. My childhood copy was given to the Red Cross sadly by members of my family after my mother and father passed away.
      People just don't realize how special these things (books) are!! I turn 50 in 3 years so what a great gift it would be to get another copy of Little Dream. If you could please help me I would be very grateful. Best wishes

    2. Hi Janette, I'll see what I can do but I don't often locate a copy and I have a long list of people waiting to purchase. I'll you to it!! Unfortunately, it's as rare as hen's teeth!! Happy reading, Amber.

  3. how much could I get for my copy of "little dream"?

  4. 100 dollars from me!. Email if intrested.

  5. If anyone can locate another copy of that very same book my email

  6. Would dearly love a copy of 'Little Dream'. Please email me if anyone has a copy to sell.


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