Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Rescue Me from My Reading Drought

It seems like only yesterday that I was reading the latest edition of Good Reading (GR) magazine and scoffing at the editor's column which revealed the editor was going through a reading drought. I couldn't believe that the editor of such a magazine had stopped reading. Surely reading was a requirement of her job. Hypocritically, I now find myself in a similar situation. I'm surrounded by books all day, but I'm seriously struggling to pick one up. The only difference I claim between myself and the GR editor is that I have genuine reasons - my bath tub is gone and it's freezing!!

Reading in the bath tub every second night of the week is my guilty pleasure. One month ago my precious, though dowdy, bath tub was ripped from its resting place and deposited on the nature strip of my home as a result of a much needed bathroom renovation. Said bathroom renovation is still underway and shows no sign of being completed within the next 3 months. Meanwhile, my new bath is hibernating in plastic teasing me every time I glance its way. Frustrating!!

But it's the bathroom renovation's partner in crime - winter - that has really fuelled my reading drought. By now most of you are familiar with my reading and walking habit. A habit that thrives in the summer months but seems a distant memory in the colder ones. It's just too damn cold to go walking and though I've tried hard to read in bed or on the couch, it just doesn't feel right. Does anyone else suffer as I do? Can anyone remedy my reading woes?


  1. right now i'm completely addicted to young adult fiction - something even a year ago i would never have considered reading. i had a baby, became brain dead from sleep deprivation and ever since then that was about all i could handle. for some reason all i want from reading at the moment is 100% escapism - i don't want to be made to think too hard. i think this is a kind of literary reading drought :-)

  2. Yes, it's definitely a sort of reading drought. I think we all go through reading phases and there is nothing wrong with a bit of escapism. In fact, that's what makes reading and books so special. There is trully something for everyone and also, different books to read for different times in our lives.

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