Thursday, 5 August 2010

We've Won a Versatile Blog Award - Yay!!

Feed Your Reading Habit has just won our first ever Versatile Blogger Award (actually it's our first blog award full stop....but there's no need to quibble). A big thanks to The Book Bee for bestowing us with this wonderful honour. The best thing about this award is that it exposes all of us in the wide world of blogging to new and previously undiscovered book blog treasures. The award requires the recipient to: thank and link back to the blog that granted you the award; share 7 interesting things about yourself; bequeath the award to another 15 deserved blogger's; and contact the award recipients to let them know of their achievement. Quite frankly it's just one big self-promotion masquerading as a warm and fuzzy moment, but I love it!! So here are 7 interesting things about me. You'll recognise I've stuck with the booky theme.
  1. I don't own an e-reader and don't want to, but I secretly want to try one out just so I can report how trully despicable they are from a well informed point of view.
  2. My favourite place to read is in the bath with a glass of wine and as my current bathroom renovation is denying me this pleasure I am suffering a reading drought.
  3. My secondhand bookstore is breeding Reader's Digest Condensed Books that no-one wants (even for 50 cents) so I am planning on making a coffee table out of them.
  4. My husband congratulated himself on buying me an early edition of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice for our 'Paper' wedding anniversary. I don't have the heart to tell him that his $150 investment is only Volume 1 of the set.
  5. My struggle with the Russian surnames in Anna Karenina have resulted in me trying to read this classic novel 5 times with no success. I am planning the next assault in a month or two.
  6. The book that I never fail to recommend to everyone is We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. It'll blow you away!!
  7. Last but not least I confess to being a book vandal. Shock, horror, gasp of disbelief!! I dog-ear them, fill them with notes and inscriptions, spill coffee over them, shove them carelessly in my bag, bend the spines back, and use them as coasters. As far as I'm concerned a book absorbs part of the reader and I make sure I leave my mark and give every one a character injection of my own.
Now that you know a little bit more about my reading quirks, here are a couple of blogs I am awarding my Versatile Blog Awards to (in no particular order). Check them out!!
  1. Suz's Space Blog
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  4. Miss Snark, the literary agent - (Miss Snark no longer posts, but it's still a great blog!!)
  5. LiteraryMinded
  6. Fly the Falcon
  7. BookHounds
  8. Bibliophile Bullpen
  9. The Book Bee
  11. Terra On the Bookshelf
  12. The Book Buff
  13. The Mumpsimus
  14. LibraryThing
Enjoy perusing our award winners!!


  1. Thank you, that's very kind!

    Oh, I thought we were SUCH kindred spirits.. until I got to points 6 and 7. I'm afraid nothing could bring me to writing in a book, and... I hated the Kevin book so much that I gave up on p.50. *quiet voice* Are you going to take my award away from me?

  2. No worries....I won't take your award away from you!! Kevin is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. Kindred spirits....I love that takes me back to Avonlea.

  3. Darn it...I thought I had come by and thanked you already. I'm losing my mind! I really appreciate it...thank you. It usually takes me awhile to do a post on these, but I promise I will get around to it. =O)

  4. I just realised I hadn't thanked you for this award yet. Thank you so much! And point number 7 made me go O_O Every time I loan someone a book I remind them that there will be consequences for leaving the pages dog eared and each and every new scuff will be noticed.

  5. Hey Terra, thanks for the thanks. You'll be pleased to know that number 7 is not applicable to books that I am reading on loan. I treat them with all the deference that I can as I know most don't share my love of defacing novels!!


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