Thursday, 3 February 2011

A Very Booky Xmas - Part 5 - Booky T-Shirts

Beware! Amateur modelling photographs to follow!! Thus it's with mixed feelings that I post this final instalment in my 'A Very Booky Xmas' series. I'm slightly reluctant because of the photos you're about to see, but excited to share such amazing gifts. Firstly, let me admit that I bought these T-shirts for myself, then distributed them to family and friends to give back to me for Xmas. It's a sure fire way of getting something you want!!

Late last year I came across a website called Out of Print. This fantastic little website is all about sharing the love of books through a fashion medium and it does so by selling T-shirts that feature iconic and sometimes out-of-print book covers. I fell in love with the site immediately and purchased three T-shirts within a heartbeat. The good news is that whilst you might be bending your credit card a little, purchasing a T-shirt through the website can also ease your social conscience. For every T-shirt purchased through the website, Out of Print donates one book to communities in need through their partner Books for Africa.

But back to the T-Shirts!! As I said, I purchased three. The first was The Outsiders (by S.E. Hinton) which you can see me striking a pose in at the top of this post. I bought this T-shirt because it reminded me of high school where we all had to read the novel. It also brought back memories of a school friend who was so obsessed with the movie that she covered every book, folder and pencil case she had in pictures of Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise and Matt Dillon (just to name a few).

The second shirt I bought was the Pride and Prejudice one as seen in the photo to the left. No I'm not looking at a bird! This is a catalogue modelling 101 pose!! This T-shirt is the most comfortable and the one I've worn the most. Though Persuasion is actually my favourite Austen novel, I couldn't resist purchasing this one to show my complete adoration of everything Jane (including the movies).

The third shirt I bought was Song of Solomon (Toni Morrison). I did enjoy this book and recommend it to all, but if truth be told the real reason I bought it is because of the colour and design. It's nice and bright and works with an olive skin tone!! Good with jeans too!!

There are plenty of other great books and authors featured on the website and I'd venture to say that there probably is a T-shirt for everyone as long as they're an avid reader. There are styles for men and women, as well as hoodies, gift certificates and a kids section. I also have to say that the service I received was excellent. I ordered just a few weeks before Xmas and was worried they wouldn't arrive in time, but a quick email sorted this out straight away and I received the T-shirts in just a few days. This is pretty unheard of for international transactions, so I give Out of Print a big thumbs up in the service department.

Well on that note I conclude this year's "A Very Booky Xmas". I would love to hear about any great pressies you received.....I've got a birthday coming up soon and I need some ideas!!

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  1. What a great idea!
    Found you on the Book Blogs ning site, and very glad I did. Booksellers are some of my favourite people!


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