Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Borders Splurge!!

As an avid reader, I was sincerely disappointed when it was recently announced that Borders was going under and that they would be closing many of their stores in Australia and overseas. Now I'm not a shopper!! In fact, I can't stand shopping centres and I don't practice the popular art of browsing, except when it comes to books. Up until recently I was lucky enough to have two Borders stores within easy travelling distance from my home and often found myself trawling the stacks for hours on end. Sometimes I'd buy something, sometimes I wouldn't, but I always enjoyed the "looking". Much to my horror it was announced a few weeks ago that one of the Borders stores I frequent was getting the chop and I was pretty emotional about it.........until I realised what kind of money I was about to save and what kind of treasures I was about to pick-up for next to nothing. This particular store is now closed, but I managed to visit the store twice before it closed it's doors and took advantage of nearly 70% off some brand new books. My credit card is not happy, but I'm one happy girl. I reckon I purchased about 20 books in all for the grand total of about $300 AUD. My favourite purchase is the three books pictured in this post - three volumes of the Australian Children's Book Reference series by Marcie Muir and Kerry White. These books will be an invaluable resource for my second hand bookstore as they index every Australian children's book written between 1774 and the year 2000. I also managed to get my hands on quite a few Aboriginal History books, some classics that I can add to my collection, and some modern novels that I've been hanging out to buy. I'm also happy to report that I still have one Borders bookstore that's handy to me. Let's hope it stays open. Read people!!

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