Tuesday, 11 October 2011

101 Things to Do With a Reader's Digest Condensed Book

Reader's Digest Condensed Books are breeding in my storage shed. I've got no idea how I've come to have so many in stock, yet there they are piled high to the rafters. All I can assume is that for everyone who donates books to my shop they slip in a few Reader's Digest. I certainly don't buy them for my bookstore because I can't sell the ruddy things, not even for 50 cents at a local market. They're virtually unsellable which if you ask me is a mystery unto itself. I mean, there are obviously heaps of people who buy them brand new otherwise they wouldn't be available second hand and they cost good money too. So why will no-one buy them for next to nothing second hand? Wouldn't it make more sense to not buy brand new, save yourself thirty bucks and pick-up a second hand copy for $1. Go figure?

Anyway, with no real practical idea for getting rid of the little blighters (other than disposing of them in the recycling section of my garbage) I've decided to come up with a totally impractical and completely silly way of using them. Thus, without further ado, I launch the 101 Things to Do With A Reader's Digest Condensed Book challenge and I need your help. I consider myself reasonably creative and am confident of coming up with a few ideas, but I thought it might be more fun to get your ideas. We'll be putting selected ideas into practice every couple of days and we promise to provide visual proof. Just post a comment here to have your suggestion considered and we will do our best to get around to it. Even if you don't make a suggestion for the list, make sure you visit the blog regularly to see what novelty ideas other people have come up with. Challenge accepted!!


  1. I absolutely love your header.




  2. Readers Digest books would be perfect for this book planter idea here

  3. Great idea bookdout. Will definitely give it a shot shortly.

    And, Elizabeth....I love our header too!! Will check out your blog shortly.

  4. Fun idea! I just saw an idea that you take an unwanted book and open it up so you can bind the front and back covers together. Then the pages can be painted (orange for Halloween- make it a pumpkin, at Christmas- make it a decorative ornament and add a fake hook, etc.)



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