Thursday, 6 October 2011

What's on the Book Vine #3?: Christos Tsiolkas and The Slap

I don't know about you, but I'm really excited about the premiere of The Slap on ABC 1 tonight. It's fair to say that it's slim-pickings on the box at the moment and this gritty look at middle class suburban Australia is exactly what the doctor ordered. This eagerly awaited television adaption of Christos Tsiolkas' bestselling novel The Slap debuts at 8.30pm tonight with a star studded cast of Australian actors including Alex Dimitriades and Melissa George. Just like the book, this 8-part drama series is sure to divide viewers and spark lots of debate about the right and wrong ways to discipline children.

I read the book not long after it was first published as one of our book club reads. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it definitely provoked lots of conversation amongst our book club members. It also turned a prospective book club member away. A friend of one of our long-time book club members, Rhonda, expressed an interest to join our group so Rhonda loaned her a copy of The Slap. The very next day Rhonda's friend returned after having read only a few of the opening chapters and said that if this was the kind of book our club was inclined to read then she didn't want to join. The books' colourful language and sometimes confronting sexual commentary left her feeling really offended. Needless to say she's never renewed her interest in our little group. The Slap in novel form is definitely polarising. You'll either love it, or you'll hate it. Let's hope the TV series has just as much zing!!

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For a sneak peak at what The Slap has in store for us just follow this link to the ABC website - The Slap Sneak Peak.

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